Hyperion Launcher Pro Is Available at a 50% Discount For The Next Four Days

Hyperion Launcher, from Projekt Development (the team behind Substratum and Andromeda), is getting a four-day 50% discount on its Pro add-on. The add-on enables custom gestures and a number of other popular features. That drops the Pro unlock price down to a paltry $1.49 from December 23-27.

You can see some of our favorite features in the hands-on video below, but my personal favorite is that its UI resources are exposed to make it easier for Substratum theme designers to match the launcher’s look to their themes. In fact, Hyperion’s UI was designed by XDA Recognized Themer _moelle, of Deep Darkness fame. This openness to system themers is one thing that sets it apart from most other third-party launchers. I suspect we’ll soon see a number of Substratum themes that will include Hyperion so the colors automatically match the overall system theme. Until then it’s easy for users to manually customize the launcher’s colors to their liking.

Other features I personally like include the ability to choose rounded corners for the dock, blur the dock background, choose gradients and opacity for the app drawer, and to blur the drawer background to my liking. You can see those features in action in the screenshots below.

If you don’t already have Hyperion with the Pro unlock, now is a good time to take advantage of the deal and upgrade your launcher before the 27th.

hyperion launcher
hyperion launcher
Price: Free+

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