Sony PlayStation Celebrates 25th Anniversary With “Special” Collectors Edition Keychains

In conjunction with Sony PlayStation’s (PS) 25th anniversary, the Japanese console maker announced via Twitter that it would be releasing some “very limited” Collectors Edition merchandise. The products in question? Keychains made with every PS console the brand has made in the last two and a half decades.


To be precise, the consoles attached at the end of the keychains aren’t miniature versions of the consoles, but actual, real life-sized consoles. Repurposed specifically into accessories to be used in everyday life.

The variety listed in the embedded video shows the original PS One, PS2, PS3 and the current PS4. Not only are the consoles a 1-to-1 scale to the actual consoles, but they also weigh the same as the originals.

Sony goes on to say that its PS Memorabilia keychain collection can be purchased via its official gift store. Also, if you haven’t already figured it out; this advertisement is nothing more than an April Fool’s prank. To be fair, there are actual PS-themed keychains available on the store, however, none of them are as epic or as cumbersome as the PS console keychains.

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(Source: PlayStation via Twitter)

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