VAR Live Malaysia Is A VR Theme Park With 13 Games; Now Open In MyTOWN Shopping Centre

VAR Live Malaysia is now open to the public at MyTOWN Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur. Claimed to be the largest VR theme park in Malaysia, it features up to 13 different VR games. VAR Live has also added extra features into some of them to really simulate the fourth dimension for its VR experiences. Think The Rift or The Void, but with a few key differences.

As mentioned earlier, there are 13 games available at any given time, but they’re not all live just yet. More games will be rolled out until the full roster is available in March 2019. Representatives have also said that beyond their full lineup, there will be more titles coming, with a shuffling of games happening every three months or so.

The company also said that all games are made in-house, and are unique as a result. Available hardware options complement the game, but VAR Live says they will be making some of their own as well, especially for genres that involve prop guns. For now, the theme VR theme park makes do with customising commercially available ones. There are also a few games for the younger audiences.

One important piece of equipment here is no doubt the VR headset. Most of the attractions make use of the HTC Vive, but there’s also the odd Windows Mixed Reality headset by Acer. Most of the VR headsets are tethered to a PC in the ceiling, and even one in the floor. That said, there is one headset that will utilise 5GHz WiFi instead, although it’s a feature that will only be ready next year. Also coming next year are games using VR backpacks. These two will be used for games that require more movement.

To add to the immersion, VAR Live has made it so that the stages in which the games are played in are capable of some form of 4D simulation. Floors vibrate depending on the context of the game, for example. There are also a couple with fans to simulate wind.

VAR Live Malaysia can be found at L2-015 of MyTOWN Shopping Centre. You can play three games for RM98, or a single game for RM38. On another note, on 24 and 25 December 2018, VAR Live is offering double the number of games, letting you play six games for RM98 or two for RM38.

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