Xbox One now streams PC games via Wireless Display app

Microsoft's Wireless Display app further blurs the line between Xbox and Windows PC gaming. ― AFP pic
Microsoft’s Wireless Display app further blurs the line between Xbox and Windows PC gaming. ― AFP pic

SAN FRANCISCO, March 15 ― An update for Microsoft’s Wireless Display app allows the Xbox One console to stream content, including games, from a PC.

PC games now work on Xbox One via local network streaming, thanks to Microsoft’s Wireless Display app.

A March 12 update includes a low latency mode more suitable for playing games, as well as the ability to stream games not only from a connected Android device but also a PC.

In this way the Xbox One acts as a bridging device between a computer and the Xbox One’s display, just as a set-top Steam Link device would do for a computer.

(Steam store operator Valve has since replaced the Steam Link device with an app for mobile devices and smart TVs.)

The app is currently set up to work with the Xbox One controller, so players will need one with a chatpad keyboard add-on.

However, as the Xbox One itself has been able to use keyboard and mouse input since November 2018, it’s possible that future updates to the app will expand its range of compatible control devices.

The move lines up with Microsoft’s trend of blurring the lines between its Xbox and Windows 10 platforms.

Microsoft already sells its internal studios’ Xbox One games with a complementary copy of the Windows 10 version.

The app’s broadened Xbox One capabilities may also give some insight into Microsoft’s positioning over future gaming tech.

The company is known to be working on Project xCloud, a cloud gaming service that would send PC games over the internet to target devices such as mobile phones, tablets and, conceivably, consoles or relatively underpowered computers. ― AFP-Relaxnews

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