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AIA BHD recently launched its most comprehensive medical plan to date that boasts many first-in-market benefits, including coverage for preventive care services and a reward system to encourage living a healthier lifestyle.

In her speech, AIA chief executive officer Anusha Thavarajah said the A-Plus Health plan comes from 70 years of handling customers’ needs.

“We are very proud to be able to bring to market a total healthcare solution that supports our customers’ health journey from prevention, to when they fall sick, and right up to recovery.”

The main feature of the A-Plus Health plan is the Health Wallet. This is deemed to be a more proactive alternative to giving discounts on insurance payment.

Customers can credit up to RM2,000 per year into their Health Wallet for not making any claims on their medical plan. They can do this for up to 10 times, or 10 years.

The total amount credited into the Health Wallet can then be used for preventive medical treatments, special care benefits, mobility and hearing support, and lifetime recovery care.

Among some of the medical expenses that are typically not covered by most medical plans, but is covered under the Health Wallet, are health screenings and vaccinations, artificial limb and hearing aid expenses, coverage for congenital conditions, and recovery care for cancer, stroke and heart attack.

According to AIA chief marketing officer Heng Zee Wang, A-Plus Health offers a RM2 million annual limit, no lifetime limit, and comprehensive medical coverage up to age 100.

It also provides coverage for inpatient care such as a daily guardian for those under 15 years old or above 60 years old, outpatient care, and other extra care.

On top of that, A-Plus Health can be enhanced with AIA Vitality, a programme that rewards its users for committing to a healthier lifestyle.

By meeting their health goals, A-Plus Health customers who opt in for AIA Vitality can get discounts, vouchers, and more.

This combination also entitles customers up to a 100% upgrade in amount for hospital room and board, as well as allow them to receive up to 10% increase in the annual amount credited into their Health Wallet.

A-Plus Health is a medical rider. It must be attached to either an AIA regular premium investment-linked plan for those aged between 14 days and 70 years old (A-LifeLink2) or an AIA flexible investment-linked plan.

For more, visit the AIA Malaysia website.

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